ICAS locations

The conference is held at two locations in Leiden, Lipsius (Faculty of Humanities) and Kamerlingh Onnes Building (Faculty of Law). From the train station it is a 10-15 minute walk to the locations.

To find out how to reach the locations with public transport,  see the website 9292.nl. This website works for public transportation nation-wide.

If public transport or walking is inconvenient for you Hello Holland can help you arrange a transfer or rent a bike. For more information on any of our services, fill in the contact form to get in touch with us.

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    Dutch theme park Efteling: a Magical Day

    Looking for exciting rollercoasters, enchanting attractions or spectacular park shows? Everyone will find what they are looking for in Dutch theme park Efteling. Discover the largest theme park in The Netherlands! A unique park in the middle of nature, suitable for all ages, the Efteling tour truly is magical!

    History of Holland – 2 days

    Take the road (or waters) less travelled and learn about Holland’s history in lesser-known destinations. This in-depth tour covers periods ranging from early medieval times to the Golden Age, and topics such as trade, water management, architecture and craftmanship. Your inner historian will be more than satisfied!

    Designer Outlet Shopping Tour – 1 day

    The Designer Outlet Shopping Tour takes you to Roermond, where the country’s largest designer shopping village is located. All the large luxury brands are represented, but for the best prices. 

    Dutch Art and Architecture Tour – Explore Holland in 3 days

    Experience the most beautiful, awe-inspiring pieces of art and architecture the Netherlands has to offer. Ranging from the Golden Age to modern ages, you will see it all! 

    Holland Highlights Tour – 2 days

    Time to discover Holland’s highlights! If you have not been here before you could best join this tour to see the Highlights of the Netherlands! Of course you will see windmills, dikes, wooden shoes and Amsterdam, but we will also take you to modern city of Rotterdam and government seat of The Hague.

    Giethoorn and IJsselmeer: Land of Water Tour – 1 day

    A tour to Giethoorn from Leiden, including a polder and IJsselmeer lake tour and a visit to the Zuiderzee museum in Enkhuizen. Here you can see traditional Dutch life in fishing villages.

    Amsterdam City and Countryside (Zaanse Schans) – 1 Day

    A one day trip to Amsterdam and Zaanse Schans, a famous location for Dutch landscapes. Traditional Dutch life in Holland is showcased here through museums and guilds. You can go into a windmill, watch cheese making, clog making and buy souvenirs. In Amsterdam you can make your own programme. You can take a boat tour, city walk, go to a museum or go shopping and enjoying food and drinks in Amsterdam.

    Holland Highlights: see all in 3 days

    When you think of Holland images of windmills, dams, wooden clogs, and of course Amsterdam, our capital city, might come to mind. But Holland has many more top sightseeing spots and characteristics. The three days before ICAS the Holland Highlights tour will bring you to the most famous spots in the country!

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