2019 is the Year of Rembrandt, as we commemorate him during the 350th anniversary of his death. You might know Rembrandt as one of the most famous Dutch classic painters. But did you know he was born, raised and was taught the art of painting in Leiden? This post will tell you how to discover what his life was like!

Young Rembrandt Studio

If you would like to learn about Rembrandt as a child and student-painter, go to the Young Rembrandt Studio for a beautiful audiovisual experience. Aside from learning about his childhood, his friends, and his art you’ ll also learn a lot about art itself – not just the techniques, but also the inspirations and emotions that help create it! And don’t forget to check out the studio’s coolest Rembrandt merchandise shop for the best souvenirs and gifts (for friends and family, or just for yourself ;p )!

Rembrandt ART Walk (Dutch)

Latin School in Leiden This is where the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn went to school before entering the Leiden University in the Netherlands Holland

If you want to learn about the famous painter in a more active way, why not take a walking tour? Leiden offers a Young Rembrandt Walking Tour. Here you can learn about his life, while enjoying the city’s beautiful architecture at the same time.

You will pass by the Latin School in Leiden. This is where Rembrandt went to school before entering Leiden University.

If you want an even more active tour and understand Dutch, Leiden has the coolest thing for you: A Rembrandt Augmented Reality (AR) Walk!

Simply download the free app to discover the seven Rembrandt AR locations! If you don’t have a phone that supports AR, the Tourist Information Centre in Leiden can provide one you can use. Unfortunately the app does not have English language settings, so this option is not suitable for everyone. Go to the Leiden Tourist Information Centre (VVV Leiden) for the Rembrandt city walks or book a Leiden city walk in English.

Museum ‘De Lakenhal’

This museum in Leiden has just finished its renovation as King Willem-Alexander has just officially re-opened the museum. The amazing transformation of the museum has provided a lot more space and light to do its beautiful collection justice ! Because the renovation is finished, all pieces of the museum’s collection have now returned home to Leiden. The works of art in the exhibition ‘Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age’ showcase life and society during the 17th century. If you would like to see some art classics in Leiden this is the place to go!

Leidse Rembrandt dagen  Leiden the Netherlands 13 14 July Holland Golden Age Rembrandt famous painter

Don’t miss out on the Leiden Rembrandt Days in the weekend of 13 and 14 July! The Pieterswijk area – and its citizens – will be completely transformed and dressed to replicate a 17th century town! You can literally watch history in front of you, how cool is that!

Don’t be afraid you’re missing out on Dutch treasures if you don’t have time to go to Amsterdam. Come to Leiden and experience Dutch art and history to the fullest!