Fun fact: Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, but not the political and royal capital of Holland. The royal family and the Dutch government are located in The Hague. But did you know The Hague is also the capital of international law, justice and peace? If you would like to know more about this fascinating city, read on to learn all about The Hague!

Did you know that The Hague…

  • … is the capital of the province of South Holland (sorry, Rotterdam!)
  • … is the third largest city of the country.
  • … has popular beaches, such as Scheveningen and Kijkduin.


Although the city does not have its own university, Leiden University has a The Hague campus here. The programmes offered in this faculty are tailored to international interests. Such as cooperation (UN), politics (diplomacy), law (war crime) et cetera. This is the most international community and university you’ll find in Holland! The city also has a University of Applied Sciences. Also not unimportant, the Hague is famous for its International Court of Justice and Peace, located in the Peace Palace. This makes the city one of the most interesting places to visit for many law aficionados!


The Hague means ‘The Forest”, which is short for “Earl’s Forest”. It is a city with a long history. During the construction of several buildings, archaeologists found evidence of people living in this area over 3000 years ago! More recently, in 1230, Earl Floris IV commissioned the construction of the Binnenhof, which later became the government seat of the country and the official seat of the royal family. The construction of this building complex was completed decades later. This shows how enormous this project was in that era! Because of this earl, the city got its name.

Ideas for Day Tours

The city is full of royal and political gravitas, with palatial old palaces and palace-like museums. But The Hague can also provide lighthearted leisure. You can combine some activities to have the best experience! Examples of activities in The Hague are bus tours and walking tours through the city, visits to places like Binnenhof and the Palace Gardens. But you can also unwind at beaches like Scheveningen and Kijkduin. How about a ferris wheel ride on the beach, while watching the sunset over the sea? If you prefer a little more active things to do, why not go to the Madurodam Miniature Park?

  • Ferriswheel at Scheveningen Beach during sunset.
  • Peace Palace, The Hague
  • Madurodam, miniature park in The Hague. It has all the Holland Highlights concentrated in one park!
  • Dunes of Scheveningen Beach
  • Royal Pond, The Hague

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