Rotterdam is Holland’s home of modern architecture. In this article we would like to highlight two of these amazing structures, which are Markthal and the cube houses. Read on for some of the coolest, weirdest and most amazing architectural examples, and to get travel inspiration!


Rotterdam Markthal (Market Hall) by night. The vibrant colours of the roof are clearly visible here, as if the organic shape of the building itself. This location is a part of the Holland Highlights and Art and Architecture tours.
Rotterdam Markthal by night

The Markthal (Market Hall) has its place among Rotterdam’s famous landmark attractions. It is composed by Dutch architecture studio MVRDV, who was inspired by the products on the market. So the designers incorporated a lot of different colours to portray the many different impressions you get when you walk around a market. The grandeur of the roof tiles with more than 4000 different colors is truly inexplicable! If you look at the roof tiles, does it remind you of all of the market products, such as food, vegetables and snacks? Content includes the Dutch tradition of food, flowers and insects.

Cube Houses

The tilted cube houses of Rotterdam. The crazy shapes make you wonder how one can live comfortably in such a house.
Rotterdam Cube Houses

When you walk out from the Markthal, you will see the cube houses in front of you. Looking at the tilted cubes on poles it seems impossible to live in, doesn’t it? How people live in here comfortably is not really a mystery, however. Because some of the houses are open to the public you can find the answer to the question quite easily: the furniture is tailor made for the houses. It is quite the effort to create architecture and interior design, but the effort has made these structures famous landmarks of Rotterdam.

Are you curious to check out the indoor food market and the cube houses? You can visit the cube house museum daily from 10.00-18.00 or walk in the upstairs alley between the “tree houses” for free. Entrance to the Markthal is free. The opening times of the shops and food stalls are: Monday – Saturday from 10.00-20.00 (Fridays up to 21.00) and Sundays 12.00-18.00h.

You can combine your visit to these attractions with many other fun activities. How about a visit to the Maritime Museum, Kunsthal art museum, the SS Rotterdam ship or perhaps Blijdorp Zoo? Find more ideas here. If you think it’s too much of a hassle to create your own itinerary, simply contact us! We can tailor a tour to your needs, including all the destinations and activities you wish to see!