One of our Hello Holland team members has written a little bit of her impression of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. She said the following:

“As a foreigner living in the Netherlands, my most memorable museum definitely is the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.”

This statement is a beautiful compliment for the museum, of course. But why is this museum so loved? Our team member had some reasons for this:

“The Van Gogh museum is very respectful of the art. The careful arrangement of the artworks and the time and energy spent on the design allows you to really get an in-depth understanding of the artist. Even if you have no knowledge of his works beforehand, during the few hours you immerse yourself in van Gogh’s world, you will fall in love with this genius!”

And if that is not enough praise, she had one final compliment to make to the Van Gogh Museum:

Finally, the Van Gogh Museum has the most beautiful museum shop I have ever seen. You would wish you could just buy everything!”

If these reasons are not enough for you to want to come to Amsterdam for this museum, why not read on for some facts about the museum? We are sure this will warm


About a quarter of van Gogh’s paintings are exhibited at this museum. The collection includes works such as The Potato Eaters, Sunflowers 🌻, The Yellow House and several self-portraits. This collection is the largest Van Gogh collection in the Netherlands, so you will definitely see all the Van Gogh works you have heard of! 

Personal life

If you don’t really understand why Van Gogh is so loved, maybe you will understand a little better after reading about his personal life. Especially, how his personal life affected his paintings.

How Van Gogh’s Life Shaped His Art

Vincent van Gogh was quite a troubled man. Throughout his life, he became more and more troubled, sick and poor. You can see his style of painting is changing throughout these times as well. His earlier work (early 1880’s), does not yet reflect his characteristic ‘Van Gogh’ style yet. These works are softer in brush stroke, and the themes of his paintings are laborers and their work. In the end, Van Gogh was terribly sick with syfilis, bad health due to hunger and poor living conditions, and bad mental health. In this time, he painted some of his most famous landscape paintings, such as Starry Night (late 1880’s).

Famous after Death

Have you ever wondered why Van Gogh became famous after his death, and not during his life like many other famous painters? This is all because of one remarkable woman, Vincent’s sister-in-law Johanna van Gogh. Vincent’s brother Theo died shortly after Vincent committed suicide. This left Johanna with hundreds of painting and letters. Luckily, she did not sell the paintings off to be rid of them. On the contrary, she worked very hard to promote Van Gogh’s paintings and held exhibitions again and again. It wasn’t until an exhibition in Paris with a crowd of Matisse artists that Van Gogh’s paintings began to gain acceptance. Then, as you may have guessed, many museums in Europe opened their doors to his paintings. People finally gave Van Gogh the reputation he deserved. This is why we are now able to appreciate van Gogh’s paintings.

Are you curious to see some of the most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh during your stay in The Netherlands? Would you love to know more about his personal life and how you can see his struggles in his works? We will visit the Van Gogh Museum as part of the Holland Highlights weekend tours. You can also book a ticket for the museum yourself. If you would like to have a Dutch Art and Architecture tour, simply contact us! Or would you prefer a whole Holland trip focusing on Van Gogh only? We can tailor a tour to your needs!